Defining the concept of "nation"

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Defining the concept of "nation"
2. Discuss the problems with those definitions of "nation" (from question 1) and provide examples that prove each of those definitions are faulty.

a. Many times, a people group will live on both sides of an international border. They may consider themselves members of the same nation though they live in separate geopolitical locations. Examples would include present day Mexicans/Americans. Some live on the Mexican side and have Mexican citizenship while their family members may live on the American side and have American citizenship. They consider themselves one nation but technically they are not. Another example would be that of ethnic minorities in many countries around the world. The Kurds in Iraq were nearly exterminated though they were of Iraqi nationality.

The Mung tribal people of Burma are being hunted down and killed by the Burmese government even though they have lived in Burma for centuries and possibly millennia.

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