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Company Analysis - Part 3 - Target Market - Segmentation

The paper assignment this week is the final piece of your Company Analysis and Strategic Plan of the company you chose in Week 1. Major sections of the project are due during weeks 1, 3, 5 with the complete project submitted in Week 6. This project company Target Market/Segmentation paper is the 3rdand final part of your overall project

Complete an analysis on the primary and secondary target markets served by your project company. Describe each target group, demographic profile and provide data on the size of the market.

Compare your project company’s market position and the targets your project company serves with that of the major competitors in its industry.

YourAPA formatted paper should include the following information. Use headings:

· Overview of paper

· Primary and Secondary Target Markets

o Discuss, in general terms, your project company's primary and secondary target markets - be sure to discussboththe primaryandsecondary target markets in this section

· Target Group

o Choose one target group of your project company andname it. Discuss the group's demographic profile. Provide as much depth as possible.

· Market Position

o Compare your project company's market position with that of its major competitors.Provide dataon the size of the overall market.Provide data(in chart or graph form) on the market share of your organization and your organization's competitors.

· Conclusion

Due Week 5, Day 7 - 80 Points

The completed paper should be 5-7 pages in length.

Submit your completed paper to the Written Assignments folder by Week 5, Day 7.

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