Data Warehouse Design-When large volumes of information are created daily

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Data Warehouse Design

When large volumes of information are created daily, a company needs a sound infrastructure and systems in place that are capable of storing and analyzing the massive amounts of data. A data warehouse becomes increasingly critical to this kind of business as the scope and customer base expand. 

A star schema is a type of data warehouse design that optimizes multidimensional query performance (Poolet, 2007). The first step in designing an information system is to construct a data model. The data model you use is a star schema.

To complete this Assignment:

  1. Write a 500-word summary that defines, compares, and contrasts the Ross and Kimball approaches to data warehousing. Please include the characteristics of the data warehouses as output of each approach. Provide five references within the paper and cite at least two within your writing. (40 points) 
  2. Design a star schema to organize the sales information to meet the marketing department’s needs. Identify the grain, the dimensions, the attributes of those dimensions, the fact table, and the attributes of the fact table. Provide an ERD or UML of the dimensional model. (60 points) 

Submit your Assignment by Day 7.

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