Curriculum Planning - Childhood Education

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Curriculum Planning - Childhood Education

1.  In a one-page response, answer the “Constructed-response question below.


 Constructed-response question

1.            a. Identify the primary purpose of this plan. How did you decide?

2.            b. Based on principles of good planning, suggest three ways to edit the plan to improve it. Explain your revisions.





2. Then, using the activity format below as an example, create your own activity plan focusing on one of the standards from the California state education standards. You may choose any age level to focus on, ages 3-8. This should be one page in length. Make certain that you add the state standard you are focusing on in the activity plan.



Domain                Aesthetics

Activity Name    Finger Designs in Sand

Goal       Children will respond to basic elements of visual art, such as line, design, and texture.

Content               1.            Sand is finely ground bits of stone.

2.            Pebbles are small, rounded stones that have been worn smooth by erosion.

3.            Designs are combinations of lines, shapes, and empty space.

4.            Lines may be straight or curved, long or short, thin or thick.

5.            Textures range from rough to smooth.

Materials             Large jellyroll pans or cafeteria trays. Coarse sand, fine sand, aquarium gravel

Procedures         1.            Prepare in advance by filling each tray almost to the top with one type of sand or stone.

2.            Invite children to make designs with their fingers in the different pans.

3.            Talk with children about the lines, designs, and textures they are creating.

4.            Ask children to make letters of the alphabet in the sand/rocks.

Simplification     Focus on only one element at a time, such as line or texture.

Evaluation           1. What letters did children make?



3. Finally, write a two-page response answering the question:  What is the primary purpose of your plan and how does each element of your activity plan relate to the purpose?


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