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Review of Session Long Project:
Our focus in this 4th module is on the evaluation of the curriculum in higher education. In conjunction with this focus, your next component of your SLP calls for you to analyze the extent and manner in which the curriculum within your selected program is evaluated.
For this SLP component you need to:
You need to prepare for these interviews by doing research and background reading of your own. Then write 2- page paper (double spaced) which you report the interview:
Interview two experienced faculty members from the same or different collegiate programs to hear their views on the following subjects:
1. How a curriculum is kept contemporaneous and cutting edge?
a. Was there a regular review interval?
b. How did they contribute?
c. Did they enjoy this aspect of their role?
2. Discuss any four types of curriculum, that you are most interested in,
and ascertain if they were previously familiar with them.
a. Thinking back, are they aware of the presence in any of the four types operating in their current or prior academic experience?
b. If yes, can they give examples?
c. Was the situation positive or negative for the program?
3. What was their experience with mentoring?
a. Did they receive support as new faculty members?
b. Was it spontaneous or did they have to seek it out?
c. What was the most difficult aspect of the role for them?
4. Have they had experience assisting new faculty members?
a. Does their institution and/or their program have a formal orientation and new professor supports in place?
5. What was their experience with "academic deadwood"?
a. What other types of professors did they encounter and how was the academic program impacted.
b. How did the program/institution deal with these individual?
6. In the years they have been in higher education, what changes have they seen?
7. How do they think education will change in the next 10 years?
1. Your summary is to illustrate your careful and insightful thought toward this facet of your selected program.
2. Your summary is to be written in a clear and coherently organized manner.
3. Length: 2-3 pages
4. The report of the interview must be research based- you need to "anchor" the responses of your interviews in a theoretical framework.
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