Current Status of the American Dream

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Current Status of the American Dream

Generations of Americans have believed in the American Dream; with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, anyone in this nation can build a successful life for himself/herself and their families, often becoming quite rich and doing better than one's own parents had done. Since 2008; however, the nation's economy has been quite sluggish. Even before then many people have questioned whether the American Dream is still achievable.

Assess the current status of the American Dream. Is it still possible to live this dream? Why or why not? How might the government work to insure that this dream remains real and reachable (Note that your answer might be that the government restrains itself from acting in certain ways)? Regardless of what you believe the government should or should not do, explain why you believe that.

need an average paragraph answer for this discussion question.

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