CSIA 310: Cybersecurity Processes & Technologies Case Study #4:

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CSIA 310: Cybersecurity Processes & Technologies Case Study #4:

Technology & Product Review for an SIEM SolutionCase Scenario:Security Operations Control Centers (SOCC) are a necessity for large businesses and governmentagencies. But, for a small to medium sized business such as Sifers-Grayson, the expense of setting up andoperating a SOCC may outweigh the benefits. Instead of a full SOCC, smaller companies may decide to invest in an enterprise monitoring technology such as a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool. Such tools can be used by to monitor the enterprise, collect information, and report upon security events (generate alerts and alarms). Your task for this case study is to identify, assess, and recommend an SIEM tool which is appropriate for Sifers-Grayson and which could be used to support theactivities of a SOCC should Sifers-Grayson decide to establish this organization as a separate operating unit.Research:1.Review the weekly readings.


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