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Excel Assignment Requirements:

You will need Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016 for project. You will also need the following file(s): 1010excel.xlsx.

Project Background: You have been hired by the Bahamas Cruise Line as an analyst. You will assist the cruise line staff in record-keeping, revenue generation, and overall efficiency. Your project will be broken down into the following three sections: Worksheet& Workbook Management, Formulas & Functions, and Charts & Subtotals.

Should you need additional help for adding numbers in Excel, using functions, formulas, subtotals, or charts, please watch the following video: Rocks, D. (August 9, 2008). See the "big picture" with Excel's subtotal function [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5w5uWJDct8

Part 1: Worksheet & Workbook Management—Rename and organize the worksheets within the workbook, and re-save the workbook itself by following the instructions below: CS 1010, Computer Essentials 2

  1. Click here to access and open 1010excel.xlsx.
  2. Save the 1010excel.xlsx file as your "student ID number_last name.xlsx" (ex: 12345_Jones.xlsx).
  3. Rename Sheet 1 to Formulas&Functions.
  4. Rename Sheet 2 to Chart.
  5. Rename Sheet 3 to Subtotals.
  6. Move the Chart worksheet to the right of the Subtotals worksheet.
  7. Place a fourth worksheet using your student ID number as the name.
  8. Save the file.

Part 2: Formulas & FunctionsIn this section, you will assist the sales manager in categorizing the company's revenue sources and how each one relates to each other. You will use formulas and functions to create totals and/or averages of the revenue data following the instructions below. Make sure you are in the Formulas&Functions active worksheet before you begin:

  1. In cell B2, place a function that totals Jan. through Dec. sales for Online Reservations.
  2. In cell B3, place a function that totals Jan. through Dec. sales for Telephone Reservations.
  3. In cell B4, place a function that totals Jan. through Dec. sales for Sales Calls.
  4. In cell B5, place a function that totals Jan. through Dec. sales for Activity Companies.
  5. In cell B7, place a formula that adds the annual totals of all four categories using cells B2, B3, B4, and B5, which will give you the total annual revenue for the Bahamas Cruise Line.
  6. In cell C2, place a function that displays the average for online reservations from Jan. through Dec. Repeat this for the other three categories of revenue.
  7. Save the file.

Part 3: Charts & Subtotals— Put a pie chart that compares each revenue source in the month of January, and use the subtotals feature in Excel to total three separate categories of revenue. Use the following instructions: Make sure the Chart worksheet is active before you begin.

  1. Place a pie chart using the range A1 to B5.
  2. Slightly detach the sales calls piece of the pie from the rest of the pie chart.
  3. Save the file.

Make sure the Subtotals worksheet is active before you begin.

  1. 1. Sort the list by category (Activities, Hotels, and Retail) and add a row underneath each category, titled "Subtotal."
  2. 2. Use the sum function in Excel to display totals for the three categories on this worksheet.
  3. 3. Save the file and submit for grading.
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