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94) The American workforce today is better educated and more white-collar than it was a generation ago.

95) Major companies in several industries are now directly targeting gay and lesbian consumers.

96) Diversity in America is increasing, and successful marketers are increasingly diversifying their marketing programs to appeal to different segments of the population.

97) Most household income is used up in purchasing food, housing, and transportation.

98) According to Engel's laws, consumers tend to spend a larger percentage of income on savings as income rises.

99) Significant trends in the naturalenvironment include shortages ofraw materials, increased pollution, and decreased government intervention.

100) Environmental concerns have been on the decline in the past decade; more government legislation and the green movement may be the cause of this trend.

101) The introduction of new technologies is beneficial to all industries, as new markets and opportunities are created.

102) Cause-related marketing is a slowing trend as companies have abused the practice, using it more to increase sales than to support worthwhile causes.

103) In the culturalenvironment, core values and beliefs and secondary values and beliefs differ in that core values and beliefs are more open to change.

104) When a company hires lobbyists to influence legislation affecting its industry, it is taking a reactive approach to the marketing environment.

105) A company that experiences negative word of mouth on blogs or social networking sites should ignore rumors, as answering any complaints will only make them seem more legitimate.

106) Who are the major players in a company's microenvironment? What roles do they play?

107) In a short essay, differentiate between the basic marketing intermediaries.

108) In marketing, what is a public? Briefly describe the seven main types ofpublics faced by marketers and explain how marketing might communicate with these publics.

109) How can marketers use information about the demographic environment?

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110) Explain the impact of the baby boomers, Generation X, and Millennials on today's marketing strategies.


111) What are the major trends in today's naturalenvironment? How do these trends affect companies?

112) Why is the technological environment such a dramatic force in today's market?

113) Describe the three main reasons that business legislation is enacted.

114) What is cause-related marketing? Give two examples ofthe practice and explain why companies participate in cause-related marketing.


115) What is the cultural trend in how people view nature? How does this affect marketers?

116) LandPort Transportation and Omega Warehousing move and store the products your company sells. The two businesses are examples of________.


B)marketing services agencies

C)marketing intermediaries

D)physicaldistribution firms

E)geographic segments

117) Currently, Diego Calabresa is employed by a firm that conducts marketing research and creates ads for other companies that help them target and promote their products to the right markets. Who is Diego's employer?

A)a financial intermediary

B)a physicaldistribution firm

C)a marketing service agency

D)a reseller

E)a green marketer

118) ING, an international insurance and financialservices company, is the primary sponsor of the annualNew York City Marathon, which is attended by over one million fans and watched by approximately 300 million viewers worldwide. The ING logo and name appear throughout the race course. ING most likely sponsors the event in order to appeal to which type of public?







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119) Ifbaby boomers are predictors of where product and service demand will be, increased demands will most likely be evident in ________ in the coming years.

A)university enrollment

B)beer and wine


D)the apparel industry

E)the organic food industry

120) Noora DeLange is helping her company develop a marketing program for a new product line. The program involves emphasizing experience over acquisition and uses a marketing pitch that is less overt than the company's previous programs. The marketing program is most likely designed to appeal to which ofthe following demographic groups?

A)Gen Xers

B)nontraditional households

C)"micropolitan" populations


E)manufacturing workers

121) Which of the following best explains why Gen Xers who are parents tend to put family before career?

A)Gen Xers were the first generation of latchkey kids.

B)Gen Xers were minimally affected by the recent economic downturn.

C)Gen Xers are more skepticalabout marketing than members ofother generations are.

D)Gen Xers are not as educated as members ofother generations are.

E)Gen Xers do not face as many economic pressures as members ofother generations do.

122) Wholesome Soups, a maker oforganic soups, is starting a new marketing campaign emphasizing the ease ofpreparing and eating Wholesome Soups on the go. Print, television, and Internet ads featurecollege-aged students enjoying Wholesome Soups in between classes and during study breaks. Wholesome Soups' new marketing campaign is most likely aimed at which of the following?

A)baby boomers


C)Gen Xers


E)the SOHO market

123) In considering the changing American family, which ofthe following are marketers likely to consider the LEAST important?

A)The number oftraditional households has increased.

B)Baby boomers are hitting retirement age.

C)Almost one-third of American households are not traditional families.

D)Married couples with children make up less than 25% of the nation's households.

E)The number ofstay-at-home fathers has increased in the past 20 years.

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