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34) In the 1950's the American population began shifting from large cities to ________.

A)farming communities


C)foreign countries


E)coastal towns

35) As more and more Americans are moving to "micropolitan areas," marketers can most reasonably assume that ________.

A)geographic segmentation may be less critical

B)ruralpopulations will offer an expanding market

C)micropolitan areas may offer the same advantages as metropolitan areas

D)congested areas may become more ensnarled

E)crime rates in metropolitan areas will increase

36) An increasing number ofAmerican workers work out of their homes with technological conveniences such as PCs, high-speed Internet access, and fax machines. These workers are referred to as the ________ market.



C)Gen X



37) Which of the following most accurately reflects the popularity oftelecommuting?

A)Almost all American businesses are expected to offer telecommuting options within the next decade.

B)The majority of American businesses currently offer telecommuting programs for their


C)About 40% of American businesses currently offer telecommuting programs for their employees.

D)About 25% of American businesses currently offer telecommuting programs for their employees.

E)The percentage of American businesses offering telecommuting programs is expected to decline within the next decade.

38) Over the past 50 years, which ofthe following groups of workers has become smaller?





E)married women

39) Because of increasing ________, Americans will demand higher quality products, books, magazines, travel, personalcomputers, and Internet services.

A)numbers of nontraditional families

B)family size

C)levels of education

D)socialclass awareness

E)ethnic diversity

40) Which of the following is an accurate statement about the diversity of the American population?

A)African Americans represent the largest non-white segment of the population.

B)More than 12 percent of people living in the United States were born in another country.

C)The Asian American percentage ofthe population is expected to remain steady in the next 50 years.

D)In terms ofethnic diversity, the United States is about average in comparison to other

countries with populations ofa comparable size.

E) American ethnic populations are expected to slowly increase in the next few decades.

41) Of the following, which is the fastest-growing group in the United States?

A)African Americans



D)Native Americans

E)Arab Americans

42) Because ofan expected increase in ethnic populations, marketers are likely to place a greater emphasis on ________.

A)geographic segmentation

B)targeted advertising messages

C)mass marketing

D)mainstream advertising

E)cause-related marketing


43) Members of which of the following groups are more likely than the generalpopulation to have professional jobs, own a vacation home, own a notebook computer, and own individual stocks?

A)Gen Xers

B)gays and lesbians


D)echo boomers


44) Of the following diversity segments in the American population, which is currently the largest?

A)adults with disabilities


C)African Americans


E)Asian Americans

45) The ________ environment consists of factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns.






46) A country with a(n) ________ economy consumes most of is own agriculturaland industrial outputs and offers few market opportunities.






47) A country with a(n) ________ economy has rich markets for many different kinds of goods.






48) Value marketing is the strategy of offering consumers ________.

A)high quality at a high price

B)luxury quality at a high price

C)lesser quality at a low price

D)reasonable quality at a fair price

E)little quality at a low price

49) Which of the following statements about income distribution in the United States is NOT true?

A)In recent decades, the rich have gotten richer.

B)In recent decades, the middle class has grown.

C)In recent decades, the poor have remained poor.

D)The top 10 percent of American earners account for almost half ofall American income.

E)The top one percent of American earners receive a higher percentage of the nation's total income than do the bottom 50 percent of American earners.


50) In a tiered market, companies target which ofthe following?

A)affluent consumers only

B)consumers of modest means only

C)the middle class only

D)consumers at all levels of income distribution

E)professionals only

51) Which of the following combinations of expenses use up most household income?

A)food, housing, retirement planning

B)housing, insurance, taxes

C)food, housing, transportation

D)housing, taxes, transportation

E)food, travel, savings

52) Ernst Engel's laws generally have been supported by recent studies. He discovered that as family income rises, the percentage spent on ________ declines and the percentage spent on

________ remains about constant.

A)food; clothing

B)clothing; recreation/entertainment

C)savings; transportation

D)food; housing

E)recreation/entertainment; savings

53) The natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities are referred to as the ________.

A)raw material market

B)natural environment

C)endangered environment

D)green movement

E)factors ofproduction

54) Which of the following American government agencies is charged with setting and enforcing pollution standards?

A)the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

B)the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

C)the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

D)the Consumer Product Safety Commission

E)the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

55) What movement has encouraged marketers to pursue environmentally sustainable strategies?

A)the EPA

B)the black market

C)the green movement

D)the SOHO movement

E)green intervention

56) Which country leads the world in research and development spending?





E)the United States

57) Which of the following is a result ofregulations set up by the Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

A)The time lag between new product ideas and their introduction to the market has decreased.

B)Spending on research and development has decreased.

C)Research costs for companies have grown.

D)More companies have failed to meet safety standards.

E)Companies are more focused on making practical, affordable versions ofproducts.

58) Marketers should be aware of laws, government agencies, and pressure groups that influence or limit various organizations and individuals in a given society. This is the ________







59) Even the most liberal advocates of free-market economies agree that the system works best with ________ regulation.




D)at least some


60) Legislation affecting business around the world will continue to ________.

A)become simplified




E)relax consumer protections

61) The legislation created to limit the number of commercials aired during children's programming is called the ________.

A)Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

B)Child Protection Act

C)CommercialProduct Act

D)Children's Television Act

E)Consumer Product Safety Act

62) Business legislation has been created for three basic reasons: to protect companies fromeach other, to protect consumers, and to ________.

A)protect the interests of society

B)regulate prices

C)increase world trade

D)regulate monopolies

E)promote environmental sustainability

63) The recent rash ofbusiness scandals and increased concerns about the environment have created fresh interest in the issues of________ and ________.

A)ethics; promotion responsibility

B)ethics; socialresponsibility

C)finances; employee discrimination

D)management ethics; culturalbias

E)promotion; pricing

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