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Conducting The Research - Achievability

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APA format (12pt times new roman, double spaced, no spacing between paragraphs)

300 words minimum per question

minimum of 2 peer reviewed resources per question


Topic:  A study to determine the factors that leads to people with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy cases have increased chances of involving in violent or criminal behaviors in the community



Conducting the Research: Achievability


Discuss obstacles that could potentially hinder the achievability of studying your research problem; that is, factors that might create barriers to accessing, collecting, analyzing and/or reporting data on the problem. For instance, colleagues may be uncooperative or unwilling to participate, the police chief may feel the problem is too sensitive or that the problem does not really exist, etc. There may be barriers to obtaining access to the necessary data. Explain how these barriers could impact the validity and reliability of your proposed study.



Searching the Literature — Getting Started

The core question is how will you get started? Where will you begin? How can you find peer-reviewed articles that report upon original research by the author(s)? On the Discussion Board, post your issue and describe your research strategy. Explain how you will get started locating prior studies on your topic

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