Compose a written response of 1200-1500 words that fully answers the question

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Compose a written response of 1200-1500 words that fully answers the question(s) asked for one of the prompts listed below. This essay should represent your personal reaction and opinions related to the material (philosophy, art, literature, religion) covered in the course with emphasis on social, historical and cultural relevance. If you include quoted or paraphrased information in your response, you must properly cite and reference the original source(s) using MLA Style.

Prompt 1

Compare and contrast “art” as conceived and executed by early humans, and the way we think of “museum art” today. You might ask yourself questions like: who makes it, for what reason, who owns it, where it is displayed, what it is made out of, etc.  Analyze at least three specific artworks to support your inquiry.  

Prompt 2

In what ways does the Greek canon of proportions compare and contrast with that of the Egyptian culture?  Support your discussion with examples of specific artworks from each culture.  

Prompt 3

Explain the concept of hierarchy as it applied to power and leadership in the ancient world. Are there any distinct differences between the operation of this concept as it applies in ancient Egypt and in ancient China or India? Explain and provide details of the hierarchies and power systems found in these three ancient civilizations.


  • Select one of the prompts listed. Your essay should be double spaced and 1200-1500 words in length and written in five-paragraph format.

    • First paragraph: introduction with thesis statement.
    • Middle paragraphs (three or more): should each contain a topic sentence with relevant facts to support your informed opinion.
    • Last paragraph: conclusion summarizing key points and restating the thesis statement.
  • The essay must be created as a Word (.doc or .docx) file.
  • This is an independent assignment; do not work with others. 


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