com208 Unit 6 Journal: Love Relationships

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All journal entries are private. The instructor is the only person who will read these entries. These entries are not discussion board questions and are not to be shared with your classmates. Please support your journal entries with applicable sources. Please create your journal as an exercise in writing. Answer and/or address the writing prompts and then return after you are finished and insert supportive resources from course resources and your own outside research. Journal Entries should be at least 3-4 paragraphs.

  • Let’s talk about love. After reading about love types in unit 6, which type of love style is yours? Which characteristics do you find most attractive in others? Least? What type do you look for in a future long term partner?
  • Chose a relationship you have with a family member. Please list 5 goals you have for improving a relationship in your family. Under each goal, provide 2-3 sentences explaining how you plan on improving this relationship. Please cite concepts discussed in our readings throughout the course.
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