Cmit391-Company “Spends2Much, LLC” has made a decision to move their IT platform from Windows

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Linux Installation Proposal


Company “Spends2Much, LLC” has made a decision to move their IT platform from Windows (7 and 10) to Linux, for budgetary reasons. You work for their IT staff in the Office of Compliance and have been tasked with creating the documentation with changing all of their systems over to Linux. The company’s IT staff needs your advice on which distribution of Linux should be used. You need to explain how, and from where a Linux ISO can be downloaded, and provide the directions for installing the version of Linux you select. They also need you to perform common post installation tasks, such as creating a user account and giving the user a password. The documentation should have information about how to check and view IP address information on the network. You should also include and document all other Linux commands that you think would be helpful in expediting and easing the move to Linux from Windows. The need for excellent and careful documentation for all aspects of the move is paramount, because the staff are very familiar with the Windows systems, and are not very familiar with Linux.


Students should build a virtual install of Kali Linux and run through any of the commands in the discussions or the TestOut labs. Examples of commands include ifconfig, head, tail, cat, less more, fdisk, top, ps, and grep.

Write a report that documents the steps you follow in installing Linux, making sure to detail which version of Linux you installed. Provide screens shots for each command; more than 1 screenshot many be needed to demonstrate some of the commands.

Each image should include a short description describing the image. Your write-up should also include brief responses to the following questions:

1. What are your thoughts on Virtual Machines? (What do you like/dislike about VMs?)

2. What are the capabilities and limitations of a Virtual Machine?

3. How will you apply what you have learned from using Virtual Machines?

Your final submission should be professional in appearance, with double-spacing, 1-inch margins, and either 12 point Times New Roman or 10-point Arial/Helvetica fonts. Use an APA cover sheet, provide a short introduction telling the reader what the lab report is about, describe your host machine, your hardware, any issues you had to overcome and how you overcame them.

It must be submitted to LEO by the project deadline.

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