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Chapter 18 - Advertising and Public Relations

1. Describe the major types of advertising, and discuss how they differ.

2. What are the important issues to consider when developing advertising objectives?

3. What are the major differences between sales-based and communications-based advertising objectives?

4. What is an advertising platform? What is the best way to develop a platform?

5. Compare the competition-matching approach with the arbitrary approach in determining an advertising appropriation. Which method might more easily lead to overspending or underspending on the appropriation?

6. What are the major components of a media plan? What limitations must be considered as the media plan is implemented?

7. Why are headlines important?

8. What are the major components of artwork?

9. Why would a marketer conduct a posttest when the advertising campaign has already run and the dollars have already been spent?
What are the advantages of using an advertising agency to develop an advertising campaign?

11. What is public relations and for what purposes is it used?

12. Discuss how event sponsorship can be used as a public relations tool.

13. Identify and describe four publicity-based public relations tools.

14. What approaches can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of public relations programs?

15. What steps should an organization take to be able to deal effectively with negative public relations?

16. Advertising is a promotion mix ingredient that is a _________ communication.

17. Advertising that aims to create a more favorable view of a company as a whole in the eyes of various stakeholders is called __________ advertising.

a) institutional

b) product

c) organizational

d) pioneer

e) advocacy

18. First Union Bank airs a series of radio ads that claim, “We are the friendly bank.” This campaign would bestbe described as __________ advertising.

a) pioneer

b) target

c) product

d) institutional

e) comparative

19. The University of Iowa runs a series of ads throughout the Midwest on how friendly and helpful its faculty, staff, and students are as well as how outstanding its academic programs are. This type of promotion would best be characterized as

a) public relations.

b) product advertising.

c) advocacy advertising.

d) institutional advertising.

e) comparative advertising.

20. When a company promotes its position on a public issue, this is specifically referred to as ______ advertising.

a) institutional

b) product

c) advocacy

d) issue

e) competitive

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