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61. (p. 22) Senior executives responsible for the overall management and effectiveness of the
organization are called:
A. Low-level managers
B. Middle managers
C. Strategic managers
D. Tactical managers
E. None of the above
62. (p. 22) The three levels of managers within large organizations are:
A. International, Regional and Local
B. Marketing, Management and Accounting
C. Technical, Functional and Departmental
D. Upper Level, Top Management and Functional
E. Top-Level, Middle-Level and Frontline
Chapter 01 - Managing
63. (p. 22) Top-level managers focus on:
A. Long-term survival of an organization
B. Translating goals and objectives into specific activities
C. Managing frontline managers
D. Supervising non management employees
E. All of the above

64. (p. 22) ________________ managers are typically concerned with the interaction between
the organization and its external environment.
A. Regional
B. Top-level
C. Middle-level
D. Frontline
E. Functional
Chapter 01 - Managing
65. (p. 22) CEO, President, COO and Vice President are all titles typical of which level of
A. Strategic
B. Tactical
C. Operational
D. Functional
E. Regional
66. (p. 23) Which type of manager has responsibility for translating the general goals and plans
developed for an organization into more specific activities?
A. Operational Managers
B. Functional Managers
C. Activities Managers
D. Strategic Managers
E. Tactical Managers
67. (p. 23) Lower level managers who supervise the operational activities of the organization are
A. Frontline managers
B. Middle managers
C. Top-level managers
D. Tactical managers
E. None of the above
68. (p. 23) Tactical managers are often referred to as:
A. Center management
B. Middle management
C. Lower management
D. Disposable management
E. Upper-middle management
Chapter 01 - Managing
69. (p. 23) Managers responsible for supervising the operations of an organization are referred to
A. Strategic managers
B. Functional managers
C. Supervisory managers
D. Operational managers
E. Tactical managers
70. (p. 23) Operational managers play a crucial role in an organization because they provide:
A. The link between managerial and non-managerial personnel
B. Discipline for problem managers
C. The key plans for an organization's success
D. Feedback on top management performance
E. Operational managers do all of the above
Chapter 01 - Managing
71. (p. 23-24, Table 1.2) One of Karl Crowe's primary activities in his career as a supervisor at a
leading company is creating opportunities for new growth in the business and developing non-management employees. Kari is most likely a(n):
A. Frontline manager
B. Tactical manager
C. Middle-level manager
D. Top-level manager
E. Administrative controller
72. (p. 23-24) Titles such as Foreman, Lead Bartender or Supervisor typically belong to managers
at what level?
A. Strategic
B. Middle
C. Top
D. Operational
E. Tactical
73. (p. 23-24, Table 1.2) As a manager at Getaway Travel, Catherine Davis spends much of her time
coaching young managers and making sure that information reaches the units that need it to
be successful. Catherine would best be described as a (an):
A. Frontline manager
B. Tactical manager
C. Operational manager
D. Top-level manager
E. Institutional controller
Chapter 01 - Managing
74. (p. 24) Which of the following represents today's organizational trend?
A. More teamwork
B. Enhanced hierarchy
C. Individual effort and rewards
D. Specialized responsibility
E. All of the above
75. (p. 24) In smaller entrepreneurial firms and even in more adaptive larger firms, managers
A. Are no longer utilized
B. Rely more heavily on technical skills
C. Serve as "experts" on whom the firm depends
D. Have strategic, tactical and operational responsibilities
E. Focus on internal operations only
that result from knowledge, information, practice and aptitude are referred to as:
A. Leadership
B. Qualifications
C. Skills
D. Talents
E. Functions
Chapter 01 - Managing
77. (p. 25) Which of these represent skills that managers need?
A. Interpersonal & communication, conceptual & decision making and professional
B. Technical, interpersonal & communication and conceptual & decision making
C. Professional, technical and interpersonal & communication
D. Conceptual & decision making, professional and technical
E. None of the above
78. (p. 25) The ability to perform a specialized task is referred to as a
A. Conceptual skill
B. Quantitative skill
C. Professional skill
D. Technical skill
E. Decisional skill
79. (p. 25) Utilization of computers, compilation of an accounting statement and writing an
advertising copy are all examples of which type of skill?
A. Technical
B. Professional
C. Conceptual
D. Interpersonal
E. Quantitative
Chapter 01 - Managing
80. (p. 25) Technical skills are important for
A. Completing strategic planning activities within an organization
B. Strategic planning within the external environment
C. Getting a good start early in your career
D. Getting promoted from middle to senior management
E. None of the above
81. (p. 25) Which of Mintzberg's roles involves searching for new business opportunities and
initiating new projects to create change?
A. Leader
B. Figurehead
C. Entrepreneur
D. Resource allocator
E. Frontline manager

82. (p. 25, Table 1.3) Which of Mintzberg's roles involves speaking on behalf of the organization?
A. Disseminator
B. Spokesperson
C. Liaison
D. Figurehead
E. Disturbance handler
83. (p. 25, Table 1.3) Which of the following roles, as defined by Mintzberg is NOT a decisional
A. Resource allocator
B. Disturbance handler
C. Leader
D. Negotiator
E. Entrepreneur
Chapter 01 - Managing
84. (p. 25, Table 1.3) When the President of a company attends the Opening Ceremony for a
supplier's new office complex, this is an example of which of Mintzberg's roles?
A. Leader
B. Liaison
C. Figurehead
D. Spokesperson
E. Resource allocator
85. (p. 25, Table 1.3) When a Customer Service Manger works to diffuse a situation with an irate
customer, which of Mintzberg's roles is he/she taking on?
A. Liaison
B. Disturbance handler
C. Negotiator
D. Resource allocator
E. Leader
Chapter 01 - Managing
86. (p. 26) ______________ skills influence a manager's ability to work well with people.
A. Decisional
B. Technical
C. Interpersonal
D. Professional
E. Conceptual
: 5
87. (p. 26) Listening to employee suggestions, gaining support for organizational objectives and
fostering an atmosphere of teamwork are all considered:
A. Technical skills
B. Interpersonal/communication skills
C. Diagnostic skills
D. Professional skills
E. All of the above
88. (p. 26) Managers will utilize _____________ skills with increasing frequency as they rise
within an organization.
A. Conceptual and decision
B. Interpersonal and communication
C. Technical
D. Professional
E. All of the above
Chapter 01 - Managing
89. (p. 26) Top management at Media Blitz, Inc. recognized a lack of employee interaction and
consequently developed methods to tap into employee ideas. The overall process of how the
agency operated was altered by incorporating employee input. The ability to identify this
problem and resolve it is an effective use of
A. Adapter skills
B. Technical skills
C. Tactical skills
D. Conceptual and decision skills
E. Professional skills

90. (p. 26) The importance of managerial skills is exemplified by which of the following
A. Many high-potential managers have had their careers "derailed" by poor interpersonal
B. Upper- level managers need technical skills to manage supervisory personnel
C. Supervisory level managers have the most contact with the top-level managers
D. Managers at low levels of management need interpersonal skills in order to effectively
communicate with their subordinates
E. All of the above
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