BUSN460 - Senior Project Week 8: Final Report Week - Peer Review

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Final Peer Review

The purpose of the Final Peer Review is to assign a point value to the relative level of work completed by each team member as part of the team's Final Project. Since you are evaluating each other, this is your opportunity to reward hard work and good team work with high scores, or to impact the grade of any team member who failed to carry his/her weight on the project. The goal is to have a fair reward for work performed for all team members. Remember, the combined peer reviews are worth 190 points, so submission is mandatory.


  1. Open the Peer Review Form
  2. Fill in the appropriate information and scores for each of your team members on the second tab, Final Peer Review.
  3. Submit it to the appropriate Dropbox by midnight MT on Thursday of Week 8.

    95 points are available based on the scores your peers give you and 95 points will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Instructor based on overall team work, interaction with the class and the instructor and professionalsm inside the class and via email and phone interactions with the instructor outside of the class. All of these factors can impact your grade, so do your best to communicate, interact and conduct yourself professionally at all times. Thank you!

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