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NIH enterprise architecture provides proper and well-defined reference models in the form sub-architectures (Business, Information, and Technology), with each model clearly specifying their activities and functions. This makes it easier for the concern stakeholders in completing documentation within the timeframe as different modules are established for specific purposes. This framework does not address important aspects of a wide range of stakeholders involved, as the framework is based on models, rather than on matrix format. Within information architecture, three sub-architectures are defined for efficient and well-defined communication between applications and information. Usage of bricks and patterns which promote reusability is beneficial to the system as it helps reduce cost and time in developing new components or modules every time.
The software development lifecycle is a crucial part of the development of any System. eHealth Interoperability Framework is based on the matrix, with no details of where to begin and where to end the process. NIH Enterprise Architecture is based on defining sub-architectures and does not show the beginning or the ending of the development lifecycle. Both the methodologies provide fewer details and poor guidance for step by step approach to completion of the software development lifecycle for creating an enterprise architecture.
Both the framework have established business as a priority and then considering technological needs to maximize profits as technology is there for fulfilling the needs of business. Therefore requirements of business are addressed first. Both eHealth, as well as NIH, focuses on establishing a common language for ease of communication, cooperation, and collaboration amongst different groups of people, within and outside the organization.


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