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135. People who work in an organization are called _______.

136. A particular HR policy or program that helps to advance a firm’s strategic goal is referred to as a _______.

137. A(n) _______ is an employee involved directly in producing the company’s good(s) or delivering the service(s).

138. Forces external to a firm that affect the firm’s performance but are beyond the control of management are called _______.

139. _______ is an organization-wide approach to improving the quality of all the processes that lead to a final product or service.

140. _______ is the transferring of responsibility and decision-making authority from a central office to people and locations closer to the situation that demands attention.

141. A reduction in a company’s workforce to improve its bottom line is referred to as _______.

142. Beliefs that operate unconsciously and define in a basic taken-for-granted fashion an organization’s view of itself and its environment refer to _______.

143. _______ is subcontracting work to an outside company that specializes in and is more efficient at doing that kind of work.

144. A measure of how safe and satisfied employees feel with their jobs is referred to as _______.

145. _______ provides workers with the skills and authority to make decisions that would traditionally be made by managers.

146. The process of formulating HR strategies and establishing programs or tactics to implement them is called _______.

147. A(n) _______ is the formulation and implementation of strategies by a firm that is relatively autonomous, even if it is part of a larger corporation.

148. _______ are the characteristics that give a firm a competitive edge.

149. A periodic review of the effectiveness with which a company uses its human resources is called a(n) _______.


150. Discuss the role and importance of technology in HRM.

151. Discuss how human resource management can assist an organization in dealing with the challenges of workforce diversity and marketplace globalization.

152. Review the major challenges at the individual level and offer ways HRM can assist organizations in meeting these challenges.

153. Strategic HR planning has numerous benefits for a company. Discuss.

154. A firm’s strategic HR choices cover the entire range of HR functions. Explain the strategic choices a company has regarding work flows, staffing, performance appraisal, and training and development.

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