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139. Describe the human resource planning process, defining key terms, and describing the three potential scenarios a firm may face.

140. Explain the role of forecasting in human resource planning, the choices of forecasting techniques a planner has, and why he/she would choose one technique over another.

141. Recruiters have a variety of sources they can use in employee searches. Enumerate six potentialrecruitment sources, explaining the nature of each and why you would use each.

142. Explain the differences between reliability and validity regarding testing. Explain the relationship between the two.

143. The selection process may involve a significant amount of testing. Describe the various tests HR professionals have to choose from, why they use each, and the importance of the validity and reliability of the tests used.

144. Interviews are an important selection tool. Discuss the traditional interview and the structured interview being sure to include the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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    generally pleased with the organization’s performance and service and ...
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