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Case 5.3

You are a middle manager looking for a first-line supervisor. Your selection criteria in priority order are: 1) the ability to learn and adapt to a changing job, 2) willingness to perform the job assigned under its current conditions, 3) strong verbal and quantitative skills. 4) Cost of the selection process is a concern especially since you want to look at a broad range of candidates.

Your company has about 500 employees and is a federal contractor. There is a racial imbalance among the management team, which favors white males. There is no evidence of discrimination, nor has there ever been a complaint. Your hourly employees are about 50% female and 35% minority. You have actively sought to provide access to disabled employees. Two years ago, you had an incident in which one employee became violent and injured several other employees. As a result, your company was held liable. You want to avoid repeating this experience.

93. Refer to Case 5.3. The best way to combine predictors used in the selection process would be a:

a) statistical strategy.

b) clinical strategy.

c) multiple hurdle strategy.

d) generic strategy.

e) differentiated strategy.

94. Refer to Case 5.3. The best selection tool for assessing your number one criterion is:

a) structured interviews.

b) psychological testing.

c) cognitive ability testing.

d) reference checking.

e) an assessment center.

95. Refer to Case 5.3. To meet your second criterion, your best selection tool would be:

a) structured interviews.

b) psychological testing.

c) cognitive ability testing.

d) reference checking.

e) an assessment center.

96. Refer to Case 5.3. Given the nature of your company, the most relevant piece of federal regulation to your selection process would be:

a) the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

b) the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

c) the ADA.

d) the Civil Rights Act of 1991.

e) Executive Order #11246.

97. Refer to Case 5.3. What steps could you take to avoid liability for negligent hiring in the future?

a) Institute a policy of harassment and sexual harassment.

b) Use structured interviewing.

c) Administer personality tests to screen for violent personalities.

d) Develop clear hiring and termination policies that include background checks.

e) Tap employees’ phone conversations to listen for threatening behavior.

Case 5.4

You are a middle manager in a prestigious paper company. Christmas is coming which means a considerable increase in demand for a wrapping paper that your company has just designed. With this in view, labor seems short for printing. There was a similar labor shortage last Christmas, and you are planning to use data gathered at that time to determine how much more labor you will need in printing positions this year. Your company also wants to gather a pool of job applicants for paper designers. There has been a lack of new ideas lately and “group think” is becoming a concern.

98. Refer toCase 5.4. There will be little time to train new workers to print the paper. What would be a reasonable alternative?

a) Hiring temporary workers.

b) Paying overtime to incumbent toy assemblers.

c) Reducing the number of hours worked by incumbent toy assemblers.

d) Introducing a work sharing program.

e) None of the above

99. Refer to Case 5.4. What kind of forecasting technique are you using to decide upon how many printers to hire?

a) A qualitative technique.

b) A multi-hurdle technique.

c) A quantitative technique.

d) A structured technique.

e) A simplified technique.

100. Refer Case 5.4. In order to find new paper designers who would be able to meet your company’s needs, your best option would be to:

a) get referrals from current employees.

b) re-hire former employees.

c) give the incumbent toy designers more training.

d) recruit externally.

e) recruit internally.

101. Refer to Case 5.4. You wish to tap into international markets to find your new paper designers. Which would be the most cost-effective and efficient recruiting strategy?

a) A multiple hurdle strategy.

b) A clinical strategy.

c) Using Internet advertising and career sites.

d) Using employment agencies.

e) Initiate college recruiting.

102. Refer to Case 5.4. After several months, you have offered seven paper design jobs to qualified candidates. Several of the candidates live in foreign countries and do not believe that the job makes it worth their while to move. Some are mothers who are concerned about childcare. In order to make the job more attractive, you:

a) initiate a job satisfaction program.

b) offer English classes to workers who choose to immigrate.

c) offer subsidized day care for employees.

d) pay moving expenses for employees (and their families) who take the job and immigrate.

e) c and d

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