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1. Carmen is working through a process to ensure her company of the right number of people with the right skills to meet their goals in delivering service and outputs to their customers. Carmen is engaged in:

a) forecasting.

b) human resource planning.

c) recruiting.

d) selecting.

e) estimating labor demand.

2. If the labor supply exceeds labor demand, HR needs can best be met by:

a) succession planning.

b) training or retraining.

c) recruiting from the outside.

d) reducing pay or work hours.

e) subcontracting.

3. If the labor demand exceeds labor supply, HR needs can best be met with a response of:

a) training or retraining.

b) work sharing.

c) inducements to quit.

d) reducing work hours and/or pay.

e) replacing quits with external hires.

4. If the labor demand is expected to match labor supply, HR needs can best be met with a response of:

a) training or retraining employees.

b) replacing quits with external or internal hires.

c) reducing work hours and/or pay.

d) inducements to quit.

e) paying overtime to employees.

5. A restaurant chain is forecasting its needs for managers, assistant managers and wait staff for next year. Currently, 10 restaurants each have their own managers. They experience a 45% manager turnover yearly. They plan to open 4 more restaurants next year. Their projected need for managers for next year will be: (Round your answer up to the next full position.)

a) 9.

b) 10.

c) 11.

d) 12.

e) 13.

6. This same restaurant chain is projecting its wait staff needs. Currently, they have 90 total staff at their ten restaurants. They experience 100% turnover in a year. They will need ____ wait staff next year. (Round your answer up to the next full position.)

a) 45

b) 60

c) 90

d) 126

e) 252

7. An accounting firm plans to open 3 new branches. They currently have 4 branches with 4 accountants each. Each new branch will also need 4 accountants, and they experience a yearly 30% turnover among existing accountants. Their projected need for accountants to fill these new positions will be: (Round your answer up to the next full position.)

a) 17.

b) 20.

c) 23.

d) 25.

e) 27.

8. A quantitative forecast:

a) is able to project trends into the future without historical data.

b) can take any variables into consideration an HR professional might want to consider.

c) is very helpful in a dynamic business environment.

d) is subject to a judgment error by the expert using the technique.

e) relies on previous relationships between staffing levels and other variables.

9. Qualitative forecasts:

a) are more accurate than quantitative forecasts.

b) are more flexible in their considerations than quantitative forecasts.

c) are less subject to judgment errors.

d) require use of historical data.

e) are without error if the input data is correct.

10. Which employees in a business will most likely use formal forecasting techniques?

a) Line managers.

b) Top-level managers.

c) CEOs.

d) HR personnel.

e) Middle managers.

11. In the hiring process, generating a pool of qualified candidates for a job constitutes the _____ phase.

a) recruitment

b) selection

c) socialization

d) orientation

e) interviewing

12. The process of making hire- or no-hire decisions describes the ____ step of the hiring process.

a) recruitment

b) selection

c) socialization

d) testing

e) interviewing

13. You are part of a team selecting employees at Helping Hands, Inc. All applicants will take a cognitive test and take part in a structured interview. To make the process more efficient, you suggest that:

a) the applicants with the best cognitive test scores be hired.

b) the team establishes a cut score for the cognitive test.

c) the team eliminate the structured interview.

d) the team seek to employ nontraditional laborers.

e) none of the above

14. ______ involves familiarizing new employees with company policies and procedures and orienting them to the company in general.

a) Recruiting

b) Selection

c) Socialization

d) Human resource planning

e) Interviewing

15. Employees who perform their jobs at above-average levels are:

a) worth 60% of their salary more to the organization than average employees.

b) a detriment, since average employees may feel they can neglect their duties, knowing that the above-average employees will make up for them.

c) may be more unmotivated than average employees.

d) worth 40% of their salary more to the organization than average employees.

e) a source of brain drain.

16. Under the best circumstances, selection decisions should include:

a) the HR department.

b) line personnel.

c) line personnel and the HR department.

d) the applicant’s future co-workers.

e) all of the above

17. The most important way to establish essential characteristics needed to perform a job well is:

a) the organization’s culture.

b) the applicants knowledge of the job.

c) the job itself.

d) the SKAs required to perform the job.

e) the job analysis.

18. Determining the characteristics necessary for good job performance is often difficult because of the:

a) changing business environment in which companies operate.

b) general lack of accurate job descriptions.

c) frequent lack of involvement of management in the job analysis process.

d) inherent difficulties of staffing decisions.

e) fact that any job changes constantly.

19. Most of the measures used in hiring decisions focus on:

a) ability.

b) motivation.

c) ability and motivation.

d) personality.

e) none of the above

20. When it comes to job motivation:

a) it is usually measured by a personality test during the interview.

b) poor motivation won't hamper performance if ability is present.

c) it is easy to measure and just as easy to stimulate.

d) it is the ability to generate good performance in a person who lacks motivation.

e) it is largely a function of the organizational environment within which the person works.

21. Recent studies of MBA graduates have found that the early career success of these graduates seems to be a function of:

a) ability.

b) personality.

c) motivation.

d) motivation and ability.

e) all of the above

22. When considering who should make hiring decisions, it is important to remember:

a) that the best decisions result from letting subordinates make the choice.

b) that it is a natural extension of the HR function and they are most familiar with the position.

c) that upper management has the most at stake; they should make the decision.

d) that line managers are most knowledgeable about the job and who must work with the candidate.

e) never to involve the coworkers since they tend to choose people like themselves, perpetuating the current culture.

23. For which of the following reasons should HR departments have input in staffing decisions?

a) It is a natural extension of the HR function and they are most familiar with the position.

b) They ensure that employment practices are legal.

c) They will have to work directly with the new employees, and a good mix of personalities is essential to ensure cooperation within the business.

d) It is convenient to have the HR department take care of contacts and information about applicants.

e) b and d

24. The task of recruiting is to:

a) identify the best qualified candidates.

b) introduce the best candidates to the organization.

c) attract a pool of qualified applicants.

d) ensure all OFCCP requirements are fulfilled.

e) orient the new employee to the organization.

25. The best recruitment source, that is, one which tends to result in attracting employees who experience greater loyalty, tenure, and job satisfaction than other recruiting sources, is:

a) referrals from current employees.

b) former employees.

c) college campus recruiting.

d) employment agencies.

e) advertisements.

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