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126. _______ is human characteristics that make people different from one another.

127. The set of activities involved in integrating nontraditional employees into the workforce and using their diversity to the firm’s competitive advantage is referred to as _______.

128. The management concept holding that all management practices should be standardized is called the _______.

129. _______ is the management concept holding that management practices should be molded to the different sets of values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors exhibited by a diverse workforce.

130. A(n) _______ is the intangible barrier in an organization that prevents female and minority employees from rising to positions above a certain level.

131. An informal social and business network of high-level male executives that typically excludes women and minorities is called a(n) _______.

132. Programs that provide diversity awareness training and educate employees on specific cultural and sex differences, and how to respond to these in the workplace are referred to as _______.

133. A(n) _______ is a group established by an employer to provide a nurturing climate for employees who would otherwise feel isolated or alienated.

134. A support program in which senior managers identify promising women and minority employees and play an important role in nurturing their career progress is referred to as a(n) _______.

135. A(n) _______ is a program in which promising prospective employees are groomed before they are actually hired on a permanent basis.

136. A(n) _______ is a review of the effectiveness of an organization’s diversity management program.

137. The idea that one can successfully infer an individual’s motivations, interests, values, and behavioral traits based on that individual’s group membership is referred to as _______.

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