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106. One side effect of EEO law enforcement is the belief among managers and mainstream employees that organizations have had to compromise their standards to comply.

107. The “glass ceiling” is an intangible barrier within an organization that prevents members of non-protected classes from filling positions above a certain level.

108. African-Americans constitute about 12% of the U.S. workforce.

109. In general, African-Americans and people of Hispanic origin have less educational preparation for the workplace than whites do.

110. Asian-Americans have largely overcome their stereotypes and are highly represented in top corporate positions to the degree that in some technical industries they are over-represented.

111. Stereotypes of minority behavior are as true among minorities as they are among majorities.

112. Most managers accurately estimate the cost of accommodating for disabled workers.

113. Most immigrants entering the United States today are better educated and less likely to end up on welfare than in the past.

114. Homosexuals are extended the same employment discrimination rights as other protected-class groups under the Civil Rights Act of 1991.

115. Language is a bigger problem for Latinos than for any other group.

116. Latinos are always individuals who are from Latin American descent.

117. One place where diversity has grown with little difficulty is in the aging of the workforce, in that managers do not hold negative assumptions about older workers as they do with other protected classes.

118. A significant number of companies have begun to accommodate women in the workforce with family-friendly policies and greater flexibility toward the family demands that working women face.

119. Most male top managers are married and have children, while most women who are in similar positions are single and childless.

120. Men and women have very different perceptions of what constitutes sexual harassment by a coworker, but they largely agree on what constitutes sexual harassment by a supervisor.

121. Most companies conduct diversity training in order to tap into diverse customers and markets, rather than to avoid litigation.

122. Senior mentoring and apprenticeships are two tools used by corporations to improve diversity and understanding of diversity.

123. A diversity audit is similar to a utilization analysis conducted by the EEOC.

124. In order for diversity management to be a high priority in business, managers and supervisors must be held responsible for implementing diversity management and rewarded for doing so successfully.

125. Cultural awareness and other types of diversity programs are generally well-received and balance awareness with sensitivity toward current organizational culture.

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