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Case 4.4

Xavier has just become the head of HR at Hot Rods, Inc. He notices that the company is very homogenous, especially in light of the very diverse community in which it is located. He is surprised to find that the number of women and other minorities is quite low in all positions. As one of his first responsibilities, Xavier wants to implement a diversity program at Hot Rods.

93. Refer toCase 4.4. Xavier realizes that one of the important reasons why there may be more men in leadership positions at Hot Rods is that:

a) men are more likely to exhibit traits that are believed to be ideal with positions of authority.

b) women are incapable of maintaining leadership in a company.

c) the old boys’ network excludes any women from attaining leadership.

d) men are capable of maintaining leadership for longer periods than women, and are therefore better candidates for such positions.

e) women who are advancing toward leadership are often discouraged and intimidated by explicit discrimination by top-level men.

94. Refer toCase 4.4. Xavier finds that there is relatively little communication between men and women, and minorities and non-protected class members at Hot Rods. These are clear examples of:

a) segmented communication networks.

b) the effects of the glass ceiling.

c) resistance to change.

d) competition for opportunities.

e) all of the above

95. Refer toCase 4.4. In order to determine where biases are coming from, Xavier should consider which of the following?

a) Having all new employees attend a diversity seminar.

b) Developing an affirmative action strategy.

c) Instituting an old boys’ network.

d) Performing a diversity audit.

e) None of the above

96. Refer toCase4.4. Which of the following is an important step for Xavier as he institutes a diversity program at Hot Rods?

a) Adopting a narrow definition of diversity in order not to let the term become overly-inclusive.

b) Creating a two-day training program which all employees must attend.

c) Involving everyone, including members of non-protected classes, in designing the program.

d) Focusing the program solely on top management.

e) Clearly defining a culprit group.

97. Refer toCase4.4. Xavier institutes a diversity program at Hot Rods and, despite his best efforts, people make critical comments about it. Some men are complaining that more women have been hired simply because of their gender and that they lack the necessary skills to perform their jobs. This is a manifestation of:

a) backlash.

b) poor worker retention.

c) an exclusionary network.

d) resentment.

e) cultural determinism.


98. When seeking to understand diversity, it is important to distinguish between diversity and the sources of diversity because they are not the same thing.

99. Diversity, the human characteristics that make people different from one another, consists solely of characteristics that cannot be controlled by the individual.

100. The concept of “management of diversity” is simply a new label for “affirmative action.”

101. The percentage of managers who are minorities has declined 50% over the last ten years, while the number of women managers has grown by 75%.

102. The percentage of women in the workforce is increasing, while the number of men in the workforce is decreasing.

103. Heterogeneity in organizations tends to lead to communication confusion and conflict, making diversity a problem for most corporations that must be carefully managed.

104. The cultural relativity concept of management encourages flexibility in management practices related to the diversity of the given workforce.

105. Segmented communication channels exist only in high-level business positions.

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