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86. (p. 105) Emotional disagreement directed toward other people is:
A. Cooperation
B. Affective conflict
C. Compromise
D. Collusion
E. Disillusionment

87. (p. 105) The most constructive type of conflict is ______________ conflict.
A. No
B. Emotional
C. Cognitive
D. Effective
E. Dialectic

88. (p. 105) In an effort to combat groupthink and an overall lack of creativity, the group leader assigned Tiffani to the task of criticizing ideas throughout the meeting. Tiffani was playing the role of:
A. Conflict manager
B. Devil's advocate
C. Dialectic
D. Conflict antagonist
E. All of the above

89. (p. 105) When two of your employees consistently disagree with each other to the point of developing anger and bitterness which impacts the work group, it is a case of: ________.
A. Cognitive conflict
B. Affective conflict
C. Devil's advocate
D. Dialectic approach
E. Brainstorming

90. (p. 105) The dialectic method requires that:
A. People present contrary arguments in order to force investigation of the alternative under consideration
B. A debate between two conflicting courses of action be held
C. Conflict generated within the group be minimized
D. Conflict generated within the group be maximized
E. The leader perform the role of peacekeeper

91. (p. 105) In an attempt to make a conflict between two employees less personal and emotional, their manager assigns each of them to approach a problem from a different viewpoint. This is an example of using the ____________ approach.
A. Cognitive conflict
B. Affective conflict
C. Devil's advocate
D. Dialectic approach
E. Groupthink

92. (p. 105) All of the following are ways that managers can encourage creativity EXCEPT:
A. Give creative efforts credit
B. Stimulate and challenge people intellectually
C. Keep your employees isolated from customers to avoid conflicting information
D. Avoid extreme time pressures when possible
E. Strive to be creative yourself

93. (p. 106) A process in which group members generate as many ideas about a problem as they can; and criticism is withheld until all ideas have been proposed is:
A. Brainstorming
B. Forecasting
C. Satisficing
D. Cooperation
E. None of the above

94. (p. 106) In order to be creative, a brainstorming session must:
A. Be free of criticism
B. Be held in private
C. Be done professionally
D. Be done face-to-face
E. Involve industry experts

95. (p. 108) ____________ is the concept that decision makers cannot be truly rational because decisions are complex and complete information is unavailable.
A. Bounded rationality
B. Incremental decision making
C. Garbage can
D. Coalitional decision making
E. None of the above is correct

96. (p. 108) The ______________ model of decision making arises when people disagree on goals or compete with one another for resources.
A. Coalitional
B. Trial-and-error
C. Garbage can
D. Incremental
E. None of the above

97. (p. 108) The _______ model of decision making occurs when decision makers make small decisions and move in piece-meal fashion toward a bigger solution.
A. Incremental
B. Trial-and-error
C. Garbage can
D. Coalitional
E. Political

98. (p. 110-111) Which of the following questions is management NOT required to consider when managing a crisis?
A. Can our company detect a crisis in its early stages?
B. How might our company benefit from the crisis?
C. How would our company manage a crisis if one occurred?
D. Can our company absolve itself of any blame for the crisis?
E. What kinds of crises might our company face?

99. (p. 110) Which of the following is NOT an element of an effective plan for crisis management?
A. Psychological and cultural actions
B. Technical and structural actions
C. Competitive actions
D. Evaluation and diagnostic actions
E. Strategic actions

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