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67. (p. 101-102) Tactics that are used to make decisions quickly while maintaining the effectiveness of such decisions include:
A. Take a realistic view of the conflict
B. Involving people who are experts and can be trusted
C. Focusing on real-time information
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

68. (p. 101-) Real-time information is information that:
A. Is based on past performance
B. Represents a realistic forecast
C. Is based on adjusted predictions
D. Is obtained with little or no delay
E. Is discounted for the future

: 3

69. (p. 101) The CEO of OfficeMax begins each morning by logging onto a computer-based conference with all of the chain store managers. The previous day's experiences and challenges are discussed so that problems can be quickly and effectively resolved or even avoided. OfficeMax is utilizing __________ to retain a competitive edge
A. Social realities
B. Real-time information
C. Psychological biases
D. Framing effects
E. Quality initiatives

70. (p. 102) When a manager attempts to make a decision that will please all of the affected parties and therefore the effectiveness of the decision is diluted, that manager is operating under:
A. Time pressures
B. Gut feeling
C. The illusion of control
D. A lack of control
E. Social realities

71. (p. 102) The basic philosophy behind group decision making is that "two heads are better than one." But does this statement hold true?
A. Yes, always
B. Yes, potentially
C. No, two does not constitute a group
D. No, never
E. Sadly, an answer for this cannot be determined

72. (p. 102) Turtle Cove Inc. recently completed a process of reengineering the organization. In deciding upon the changes to be implemented, Turtle Cove involved many of the workers in the decision making. This enabled the workers to be aware of the various options that were available and why the options to be implemented were chosen. Utilizing the workers assisted the decisions by helping them to:
A. Dominate the discussions
B. Utilize groupthink
C. Satisfice each worker
D. Displace the goals
E. Understand the decisions


73. (p. 103) Advantages in using a group for decision making include:
A. A higher level of understanding the decision
B. Domination by one member for leading the discussion
C. Groupthink
D. Satisficing
E. All of the above are advantages

74. (p. 103) Potential disadvantage of group decisions include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. One person dominates
B. Satisficing
C. Groupthink
D. Goal displacement
E. Intellectual stimulation

75. (p. 103) In order to maximize the creativity and effectiveness of a decision, managers should:
A. Obtain input from people with differing backgrounds
B. Obtain information from people with differing information
C. Obtain information from people with differing perspectives
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

76. (p. 103) Allowing one person to control a discussion or decision is referred to as:
A. Groupthink
B. Satisficing
C. Domination
D. Displacement
E. Esprit de corps

77. (p. 103) A phenomenon that occurs in decision-making when group members avoid disagreement as they strive for consensus is:
A. Goal displacement
B. Domination
C. Intuition or judgment
D. Groupthink
E. Esprit de corps

78. (p. 103) A condition that occurs when a decision-making group loses sight of its original goal and a new, possibly less important, goal emerges is:
A. Goal displacement
B. Groupthink
C. Conflict
D. Domination
E. Group alternatives

79. (p. 103) Shannon left the meeting, frustrated as usual. The group really needed to make some decisions regarding next year's marketing campaign. Tony rammed all his ideas through; they were good, but nobody else dared to speak up or contribute. The group experienced:
A. Groupthink
B. Domination
C. Satisficing
D. Intellectual stimulation
E. None of the above was experienced by the group

80. (p. 103) When a group accepts an alternative that seems to please the members of the group, but the group has not taken the time or effort to explore many options, the group has
A. Exercised groupthink
B. Stimulated its intellect
C. Satisficed
D. Allowed domination
E. All of the above

81. (p. 103) Groupthink is
A. Avoiding disagreement
B. Obtaining all members' input
C. The result of creativity
D. Superior to individual decision making
E. Extreme satisficing

82. (p. 103) Groups that operate under a condition known as groupthink:
A. Make risky decisions
B. Are overconfident
C. Value team spirit
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

83. (p. 103) When new goals emerge in the process of a group making a decision and the original goal is forgotten or replaced, this is known as goal:
A. Domination
B. Displacement
C. Groupthink
D. Satisficing
E. Synergy

84. (p. 104) Leaders of decision-making groups should:
A. Discourage conflict
B. Encourage groupthink
C. Help the group satisfice
D. Ask members for dissenting viewpoints
E. Dominate the discussion

85. (p. 105) Issue-based differences in perspectives or judgments are:
A. Compromises
B. Cognitive conflicts
C. Collusions
D. Satisficing
E. Disillusions

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