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In the future, one of the most important jobs in your company will be that of chief Web officer. (5 points)



Given the fast pace of technology, it is recommended that web officers be made solely responsible individuals for spotting opportunities and exploiting them. (5 points)



Perhaps the most important force to change in management is the growing need for using what has worked will in the past. (5 points)



Best serving the customer can start with involving the customer more in company decisions. (5 points)



The text describes the Net as a great way to communicate with customers but a terrible way to get new customers. (5 points)



Efficiency is far more important than effectiveness in today's competitive environment. (5 points)



Successful organizations do not have to pay close attention to how well they are doing. (5 points)



As managers rise through an organization, they will probably rely less on their technical skills. (5 points)



Problems in the interpersonal arena do not affect “fast-track” managers. (5 points)



In today's work environment, one should only focus on becoming a specialist given that jobs are becoming so specialized. (5 points)



Turtlewear, Inc. periodically reviews the goals of the company. During the process, Turtlewear managers analyze their current strategies as compared to their competitors, determine goals that they will pursue and decide upon specific actions for each area of the company to take in pursuit of these goals. Turtlewear managers have been engaged in the management function of: (5 points)

a. Organizing

b. Planning

c. Goal Coordination

d. Controlling

e. All of the above

Planning is (5 points)

a. best focused on immediate goals.

b. very broad and general in nature.

c. necessary for large and small organizations.

d. the responsibility of top management.

e. seldom used in the "real world".

As one of the key management functions, leading focuses on a manager's efforts to: (5 points)

a. communicate with employees.

b. motivate the workforce.

c. direct employees' efforts.

d. stimulate high performance.

e. All of the above.

_______ involves monitoring the progress of the organization toward goal attainment and implementing necessary changes. (5 points)

a. Budgeting

b. Planning

c. Organizing

d. Leading

e. Controlling

The reasons that different managers utilize varying techniques to manage include: (5 points)

a. The organizational level that the manager works within causes her to emphasize some skills more than others.

b. Different manager's personalities affect their preferred style of management.

c. Managers have varying levels of education.

d. Managers have varying levels of experience.

e. All of the above affect management style.

In smaller entrepreneurial firms, and even in more adaptive larger firms, managers (5 points)

a. are no longer utilized.

b. rely more heavily on technical skills.

c. serve as "experts" on whom the firm depends.

d. have strategic, tactical, and operational responsibilities.

e. focus on internal operations.

______________ skills influence a manager's ability to work well with people. (5 points)

a. Decisional

b. Technical

c. Interpersonal

d. Professional

e. Conceptual

Top management at Media Blitz, Inc. recognized the importance of employee morale and developed methods to tap into employee ideas. The overall process of how the agency operated was altered by incorporating employee input. The ability to foster employee teamwork and to develop common strategic goals is an effective use of (5 points)

a. adapter skills

b. technical skills

c. tactical skills

d. conceptual and decision skills

e. professional skills

Some multinational organizations are considered "stateless." This means that they: (5 points)

a. were incorporated outside of the United States

b. once belonged to the Soviet Union which has been disbanded

c. operate worldwide without reference to national borders

d. have offices and/or production facilities in multiple states

e. have offices and/or production facilities in multiple countries

Which of the following provides a common path to career success in business today? (5 points)

a. Taking a pure specialist approach

b. Engineering

c. Being a generalist without having any specialized knowledge

d. A synthesis of various specialized functions into general management

e. None of the above

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