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Step One. Review the following court:

Step Two. Attend at least ONE hour of the court session, must be this semester!

Step Three. Write a half-page summary:

250-300 Word Summary ---- THIS IS A STRICT LIMIT -----


Times New Roman

12-point font

1 inch margins

Word count of summary included at the bottom of the page

Subject line must include Court Name, Time, and Date of Court Hearing attended

You will be graded on the following:

Observations of the court hearing AND your analysis/thoughts of the things you observed (Must have BOTH)

Proper Format Requirements (as specified above)


Court hearing

Bad ass coffee company VS Royal Aloha International

Date: June 282pm-3:17pm

Location : 3rd District Court - Salt Lake City (it is a trial court)

Room: West 37

The law suit have nothing to take notes. Most information are described in the last lawsuit judge by Court of Appeals of Utah.

It is a very old case and you could search online for record. Like

Court hearing

The BACH sue RAI for breach of contract for 500,000 (in this case) and also want a Jury trial. The judge will not make the judgment until next week.

Other information you could use online document as material. They also mentioned the judgment of court of appeals of Utah during 2015.

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