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Business Ethics Task 2: Employees’ Rights and Responsibilities and Employer’s Ethical Responsibilities Western Governors University Cecilia Bonde These bullet-points serve only as helpful tips for you in writing your task. A1. Three Employees’ Rights and Responsibilities •

Chapter 7 from the textbook gives a number of examples of the rights extended to employees as well as the responsibilities employees have to their employer. • Identify 3 rights and responsibilities AND explain why each is important or significant. • Aim for a minimum of one paragraph of content for this section. A2. Two Ethical Responsibilities within the Employer/Employee Relationship • Consider what ethical duties an employer owes to an employee. • Aim for a minimum of two paragraphs of content for this section • Use

Chapter 5 of the textbook A3. Personal Ethical Dilemma • Reflect on your work/professional experience. What ethical dilemmas have you witnessed at the place(s) of work that you can apply here? Describe the situation and discuss why it was unethical. • Aim for a minimum of one paragraph of content for this section. • Use the "Code of Ethics and Codes of Conduct" exercise in Unit 11 A 4. Dilemma from both the Utilitarian and Relativistic Perspective • First, describe the theories of utilitarianism and relativism. Then, discuss how each theory applies to the dilemma you describe in A3. Imagine, you are a utilitarian, how would you view the dilemma? How would a relativist view the dilemma? • Aim for a minimum of one paragraph of content for this section. •

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