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Discussion Assignment 1

Answer the following questions in short essay form:

1. Why should a U.S. based company be concerned if an earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear power plant accident occurs in Japan?

2. With rapid changes in technology, the boundaries of industries are being redefined. What industry is Google in? Who are Google’s main competitors today and where might new competition come from?

Discussion Assignment 2

Answer the following in short essay form:

Listed below are ten industries. Classify each one as (a) emerging, (b) rapid-growth, (c) mature/slow-growth, (d) stagnant/declining,

(e) high-velocity/turbulent, or (f) fragmented. Do research on the Internet, if needed, to locate information on industry conditions and reach a conclusion on what classification to assign each of the following. Defend your conclusion.

1. exercise and fitness industry

2. dry cleaning industry

3. poultry industry

4. camera film and film-developing industry

5. wine, beer, and liquor retailing

6. watch industry

7. cell phone industry

8. recorded music industry (CDs, tapes)

9. computer software industry

10. newspaper industry

Discussion Assignment 3

Answer the following in short essay form:

Assume you are in charge of developing the strategy for a beer making company in the U.S. You are looking at expanding your sales outside the U.S. where incomes are rising fast. One issue is whether you should pursue a multidomestic or a global strategy. Explain which strategy will be appropriate to increase the sales of your beer in foreign markets. Give reasons for your answer.

Discussion Assignment 4

Answer the following in short essay form:

In 1998, Daimler-Benz and Chrysler, two auto companies, merged with great fanfare. Ten years later, terming the merger as a “mistake”, Daimler-Benz bailed out. Why did this diversification into a related business by Daimler-Benz not work out? Looking back, what should have been done differently?

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