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You’ve all heard of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). But have you heard of Cultural Intelligence (CQ)? Whereas EQ measures your ability to deal with your own emotions and the emotions of others, CQ measures your ability to adapt to a different cultural environment. EQ has long been a mainstay of corporate training experts to improve management and leadership skills. But with the rise of globalization, more and more corporations and other organizations are making it a point to train in CQ as well.

To start out with, take the CQ quiz at the link below and record your scores for each of the four CQ dimensions. This is the “official” CQ survey which was developed by the cultural training experts who coined the term “cultural intelligence”:


Then take a look at the page below to get an idea about what kind of situations you will best be able to adapt to according to the developers of this survey:


Of course not everyone agrees with this survey, and you may not necessarily agree with the results. There are several other surveys and quizzes, so do an internet search on “cultural intelligence quiz” or “cultural intelligence survey” and find the one you like the most. Take this quiz as well.

For your first post, report the results of both the “official” CQ quiz as well as the quiz that you found. Share the link to the quiz that you found with your classmates. Which quiz do you think is more accurate or better assesses your true CQ? Also, if you’ve had any cultural training or have any experience with overseas assignments that required CQ share your experiences with your classmates.

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