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Week 7 Discussion 1

"Response Strategies" Please respond to the following:


After a risk workshop has been completed, risk interviews are often completed with subject matter experts. Assess the value of the interviews to identify risk response strategies. Provide one example of a subject area you would expect to be addressed in the interview and explain why.


Give your opinion as to why it is important to work high-priority opportunities prior to working high-priority threats. Analyze how those opportunities help you with the rest of your risk mitigation strategies for a project.

Week 7 Discussion 2

"Planning for Unknowns" Please respond to the following:


Evaluate your project management options in terms of schedule, performance, and cost for the following scenario. Support your evaluation.

An office building construction project is 80% complete in the southern Virginia area, when a major hurricane strikes, and stops progress on the worksite for 10 days while damage is assessed and repairs are completed. The project has a fixed budget and a completion date that cannot be moved any further to the right.


From Part 1 of the ‘Planning for Unknowns” discussion, analyze how your strategy would be different if you had a contingency reserve budget, but still could not change the project completion date. Support your analysis.

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