BUS 475 Assignment 2

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As you have explored in this course, ongoing challenges in the global business environment are mostly attributed to unethical business practices, failure to embrace technology advancements, and stiff competition among businesses. Imagine that you have been appointed as the Chief Compliance Officer of a Fortune 500 company and must prepare a presentation for your suppliers regarding your Supplier Code of Conduct to deliver via email, webinar, etc.


For this assignment, you are to create a presentation using PowerPoint (or other equivalent software) and your research on the Fortune 500 company from Assignment 1. In your presentation, you are to summarize the important changes and explanations regarding the code of conduct that you would communicate via email, webinar, etc. The specific requirements are listed below.


Presentation Requirements:

Create a six to eight (6-8) slide PowerPoint presentation in which you:

1. Summarize your chosen company's Supplier Responsibility information.

2. In your own words, explain how each aspect of your Supplier Code of Conduct is committed to ethical business practices and society social responsibility.

3. Discuss your company's stance on each of the following areas:

    • Empowering Workers
    • Labor and Human Rights
    • Health and Safety
    • The Environment
    • Accountability
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