Book of Isaiah - How does being a lanlocked affect a country?

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Book of Isaiah
1- How does being a lanlocked affect a country?

2- What difference would it have made for Judah?

3- How could Judah's lack of resoruces have benefited them?

4- How might the desert have been both a benefit and a handicap for Judah?

5- What words best describe Judah's land?

6- Why would people of Judah be tempted to worship Canaanite Gods?

7- What had God promised his people if they would be fiathful and trust him alone? Deuteronomy 28: 1-24).

8- Why would Judah be tempted to join alliances with other small nations?

9-Who was responsible for the end of the kingdom of Judah?

10- Who ended Babylonian rule? When?

11-The Assyrians and Babylonians did not excape God's judgment. What does this say about God?

12- How was Judah like israel? How was it different?

13- How was God's promise to David maintained?

14- How was God's promise David fulfilled for us and all people?

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