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Matching: Match the correct term with the phrases.

____1. antigen a. helps stimulate the immune system

____2. helper T b. suppresses killer T cells and B cells

____3. killer T c. a foreign substance in the body identified

by it's proteins

____4. suppressor T d. cells that produces antibodies

____5. B cells e. kills or disables infected cells by injecting

them with chemical substance perforin.

6. Some people take medicine for every rise in fever, even a few degrees. What do you recommend? Why? (2pts)

Refer to the following example: A mouse scratches its foot on the wire of its cage. Bacteria enter the wound and the area becomes infected.

7. In this example, bacteria is the

a. disease b. pathogen c. antibody d. complement

8. The mouse recovers and becomes immune to this bacteria because

a. Phagocytes never leave the cite of the infection.

b. The bacteria will be weaker next time.

c. There will be antibodies in the bloodstream that "remember" the antigen and are ready to fight.

d. Skin cells produce an antibiotic to protect the mouse from re?Infection.

9. Vaccines introduce the body to certain

a. pathogens in dead or weakened form.

b. pathogens capable of causing symptoms

c. antibodies that remain in circulation

d. antibiotics that remain in circulation

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