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Use the financial statements for Bernard Company from Problem 9-22 to calculate the following for 2012 and 2011.
a. Working capital
b. Current ratio
c. Quick ratio
d. Accounts receivable turnover (beginning receivables at January 1, 2011, were $47,000)
e. Average number of days to collect accounts receivable
f. Inventory turnover (beginning inventory at January 1, 2011, was $140,000)
g. Average number of days to sell inventory
h. Debt to assets ratio
i. Debt to equity ratio
j. Times interest earned
k. Plant assets to long-term debt
l. Net margin
m. Asset turnover
n. Return on investment
o. Return on equity
p. Earnings per share
q. Book value per share of common stock
r. Price-earnings ratio (market price per share: 2011, $11.75; 2012, $12.50)
s. Dividend yield on common stock
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