Benchmark - Policy Action Plan  

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Benchmark - Policy Action Plan  
Your recommendation in the policy brief you presented, in Topic 5, has been accepted by the committee, taken through the legislative process, and is now ready for implementation. Create an action plan for implementation. Once you have your ideas outlined you will prepare an implementation presentation for the legislator to communicate to all stakeholders. Your 10-15 slide presentation should include:
• Any stakeholders (any individual or group that would be impacted by the policy)
• Required resources and who provides them (what is needed to implement the policy)
• Challenges that might be encountered
• Time Frame (time frame should be reasonable)
• Evaluation processes ( how will you ensure the policy is effective)
• Summarize how agencies, personnel, and public involved in the implementation of the policy will be impacted. Include a description of the considerations needed for seamless implementation of the policy for all stakeholders.


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