Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony departed from the standard conception of the symphony?

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Question 1.Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony departed from the standard conception of the symphony through its use of

a. cannons.

b. a piano soloist.

c. vocal soloists and chorus.

d. a fifth movement

Question 2.What is not true about the Ode to Joy?

a. Its text is by Friedrich Schiller.

b. The tune was used as the national anthem of Rhodesia.

c. The tune is used in a symphony by Beethoven.

d. It is a folk tune

Question 3.Who wrote the melody of The Star-Spangled Banner?

a. Anacreon Smith

b. John Stafford Smith

c. Francis Scott Key

d. George Tucker

Question 4.A ______ is a Mexican political ballad that tells stories of struggle and identity.

a. volkslied

b. corrido

c. zapata

d. Jingju

Question 5. Which of the following is the name of the French national anthem?

a. La Vie en Rose

b. Internationale

c. Viva la France

d. La Marseillaise

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