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THis needs to be 10-12 pages. I have about nine pages , five pages are good, the other four( literature review section) could probably be done over.


Your literature review draftshould include the introduction, research purpose and questions, literature review and conclusions. Remember the requirements as outlined in the syllabus are:

  • Introduction: Briefly describe (two double-spaced pages maximum) the issue or problem being researched providing appropriate background information; discuss why researching this issue is important.
  • Research Purpose and Questions: Clearly and concisely state the purpose of the research and the 2 – 3 specific research questions to be answered (one double-spaced page maximum).
  • Literature Review: Analyze and synthesize 15 or more scholarly sources to comprehensively examine the issue and answer your research questions. Of the 15 sources, 10 must be peer-reviewed journals including 4 quantitative and/or qualitative research studies. If your draft is not complete, you can insert placeholders noting what will be added.
  • Conclusions: Draw valid conclusions supported by findings in the literature; be certain to include appropriate citations.

You already have the first two bullet points covered, sort of, need to hit the second two bullet points. The Literature Review section and conclusion is what I am most concerned about.

This is just a rough draft, so it can be bullet point literature review, using various sources to get the point across. You can delete and redo the literature review section I have so far, not really happy with it.I have sources in the bottom you should use, since they had been approved, but you can use new sources if you have to.

NOTE: make 2 pages draft work and send me on URGENT BASES rest of pages will send after 24 hours that would be consider

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