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First doc, you will find two parts/questions that you have to answer it. To answer first part you have to look to the second attachment.For the second part, you have to find a new article to answer this question..
Second doc, you will take the outcomes I found it to answer the first part in the first attachment.
More details you will find it in the attachments
The questions:

Part I-Take your outcomes (short and long term)[ You will find my outcomes in the another attachment] and identify the following for each one. Use the format attached below.

  1. What experimental design would work for this?
  2. What type of measurement would you use (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio).
  3. What types of internal and external validity might be of concern? Why and do you know how to address it?

Part II- Find a research article on the topic of your choice. You must attach the article OR a link that opens the article.

After reading the article, you need to summarize in a few paragraphs…

  • What type of research design was used?
  • What types of measurements were used?
  • What type of internal and external validity concerns were present?
  • What should they have done to address it? OR What did they do to address it?
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    doc, you will find two ...
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