Assignment - Case Study

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Assignment - Case Study

Create a case study related to NCLB that shows a contradiction between an ethical issue and the law. Use the following outline to

create your response to your self written case study.

1 What are your legal obligations?

2 What does the law say?

3 What is your school district policy?

4 What will happen if you don't follow the law?

Under the ethic of critique

1 Who benefits from the outcome?

2 Are the demands on the school too great?

3 If benefit accrues to the school, who in it benefits?

Under the ethic of justice

1 Who suffers from the outcome?

2 Are demands on the individual too great?

3 If benefit accrues to the individual, what happens to the group?

Under the ethic of care

1 What happens to relationships?

2 Are relational demands being met?

3 How does the decision weaken or strengthen relationships?

Under the ethic of discourse

1 Who is excluded from the decision?

2 Are discourse demands met?

3 Is the quality of the discourse changed?

4 Is the quality of the decisions changed?

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