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Assignment #3- The Written Product

Writing Directions

Using print and electronic databases, conduct preliminary research to find articles about an appropriate topic for your Final Analytical Research Report. Remember that you’re looking not only for a general subject area but a more specific, narrowly defined aspect of that subject on which to focus your report. You should be able to find quite a few articles if the subject is appropriate; but if not, be alert for articles about related subjects that are more prominent.

Write me a proposal memo (SUBJECT: Research Topic Proposal) that contains the following:

1. An introduction which clearly states the purpose the memo

2. A statement of your topic question, using carefully selected words that accurately and clearly define and limit the scope of your intended research

3. A discussion of the background information from which your question emerges. This discussion should summarize what you currently know about this subject, based on your preliminary research. This could include names of articles, books, and/or prominent people in the subject area that are influencing the thinking about this topic

4. A brief conclusion which creates reader confidence that you can successfully complete the project and/or request approval of the topic

5. A working Bibliography (using MLA or APA style for Works Cited) of at least 5 sources, with annotations for 2 of the most promising sources. See Resources for a link to instructions for annotated bibliographies.

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