Assignment 2 : Copier Paper Report

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Assignment 1: Discussion

You are a data analyst with John and Sons Company. The company has a large number of manufacturing plants in the United States and overseas. The company plans to open a new manufacturing plant. It has to decide whether to open this plant in the United States or overseas.

What is an appropriate null hypothesis to compare the quality of the product manufactured in the overseas plants and the U.S. plants? Why? How would you choose an appropriate level of significance for your statistical test? What are the possible outcomes and limitations of your statistical test?

Assignment 1: Discussion

You are a data analyst with TeckWorld, a multinational company dealing in hardware and software products. The VP of the company has asked you to obtain forecasts of next year’s inflation rate from 30 economists. Based on their forecasts you have calculated a confidence interval of 1.8 percent to 4.5 percent. The VP wants to know if you can narrow the confidence interval. If you can’t narrow the confidence interval, specify at least two reasons and if you can narrow it, identify two methods that you can employ for the purpose. Explain how the methods would narrow the confidence interval.

Assignment 2: Copier Paper

You are a quality analyst with John and Sons Company. Your company manufactures fax machines, copiers, and printers that use plain paper. The CEO of the company wants the machines to handle 99.5 percent of all the paper that is used in them without the paper getting jammed. The CEO asks you to determine the thickness of paper that the machines must be able to handle to achieve this target. Using the data provided (located in the Doc Sharing area as Worksheet AUO_MGT340_M5-rev.xls), prepare a two-page memo to the CEO in a Word document, detailing the appropriate confidence limits for the thickness of paper that the machines must be able to handle.
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