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500 word essay


Using a systems thinking approach, locate a case study from the ASPH Public Health Case Studies Resource Center and

· determine the current strategies being used to address the problem,

After reviewing the proposals extensively, Barry concluded that both projects would be worthwhile investments for BioTech, yet each had distinct benefits and disadvantages.Barry needs guidance on the legal, ethical, and human rights implications of this important decision.

· establish the short and long term effects of the program(s) being utilized,

· conclude which strategy is most effective for addressing the problem,

· show how all of the strategies will work together for the greatest effect, and

· Describe the dynamics of introducing a new intervention into a population.


· The paper should be at least 500 words in length.

· There should be a minimum of three peer reviewed references used, including the source for the chosen case study.

· Include a list of references in APA format

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