ASHFORD BUS 670 Week 6 Final paper

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ASHFORD BUS 670 Week 6 Final paper

Prepare an 11- to 15-page paper (excluding title page and reference page) that analyzes a legal/ethical issue or situation relating to a current, previous, or potential future work environment. Use at least 10 scholarly sources that are suitable for research in a graduate-level course.

Your paper must include the following:

1. A description of a business situation that presents a legal and ethical issue. The business situation must be from prior, current, or anticipated future employment experiences, or a current event. The description of the business situation must not exceed two pages.

2. Analysis of the ethical concerns raised by the situation.

a. Apply at least two different ethical theories to the situation to support at least two different outcomes.

b. The paper must identify which ethical outlook, as applied to this particular situation, will result in the best legal outcome for the business.

3. Application of the relevant area(s) of law that has (have) been addressed in this course to the situation (e.g., constitutional law, contracts, anti-trust law, securities regulations, employment law, environmental law, crimes, or torts) and a discussion of the applicable law as it applies to the situation identified.

a. The application of law must be accurate and thorough.

b. The discussion of the different applicable law suggested by the situation being examined must reflect a thorough understanding of the relevant legal analysis.

4. A recommendation to reduce liability exposure and improve the ethical climate or the overall ethics of the situation.

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