As you start developing the marketing plan

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As you start developing the marketing plan, you realize the product (iPad) and customer's need must match.

Customers are motivated to by products and services based on their personnal wants and needs. Research the products your selected company promotes. Choose 1 top product.

Cutomer Target: Who is your primary cutomer target? (b) Explain the demographics and psychographic profile of your primary customer. (c) Consider if this target market will change and grow in the next decade. (d) Include this information in this section.

Customer segments:Decide if the customer groups should be segmeted. (b) Renmember to segment based on homogenous and heterogenous groups. (c) It is important to make sure the groups are large enough to generate substantial revenue for the company.

Product Position: Consider the images of your company and its 1 top product (iPad) (b) What positioning strategy will you incorporate into the plan? (c) Consider how you will position the product in the market. (d) Use the competitive analysis from the preious week to assist with your positioning strategy.

My Customer Profile: Find a photo onm the web that exemplifies your primary customer target. (b) Include the following information: (c) Demographic: age, income,gender, education. (d)Psychographic: Interest, hobbies, lifestyle (e) Include one online buying perference. For example does your customer prefer online or brick and motar shopping? wHY?

Based on the information you know about your customer give the customer a name.

This is 800-1,000 words with references.

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