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Unit 7.1 Discussion: Striking Fear via Art

The most common form of decoration outside of the Romanesque Cathedrals was images of the Second Coming of Christ, the proverbial moment when Christ returns to earth, condemns the evil to hell and rewards the good with heaven. These images are scary, meant to strike fear in the commoners to do good. How would you have reacted to these images in this time? Would they scare you into following the Christian path, or do you think this tactic is ineffective? Justify your opinions with examples and personal experiences.

Unit 7.2 Discussion: Evaluation of Romanesque Art

There were many prominent monasteries in the Romanesque period that thrived in their own rights and established a relationship with the masses. Consider these prominent monasteries, discuss their art and cathedrals and how they helped establish Christianity through architecture and illuminated manuscripts. Investigate one specific art example, and use your evaluation to conclude how this item in fact helps to establish this important relationship.

Don't forget to link/cite your specific art example!

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