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Unit 6.1 Discussion: Illuminated Manuscripts

Many of the artifacts from this time period are small, portable objects, created with luxurious materials. Most artifacts of this nature are illuminated manuscripts, created with the utmost of care with the best materials available. These books were used to teach the people about the Christian doctrine because most commoners could not read the Bibles themselves. Put yourself in their shoes: after seeing these items, would you be swayed? How do you think these art objects identify Christianity?

Unit 6.2 Discussion: Ottonian Imagery

Ottonian Art has imagery that is a little different than what we have seen so far. Even though it is still images of government leaders and Christian thought, the human features are, let’s face it: a little weird. This new trend in imagery is actually an attempt to create emotion. Is it successful in that respect? What do you think has emotional energy, and what does not?

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