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Unit 5.1 Discussion: Aesthetic Qualities

It is pretty clear that the artwork of the Early Christians looks vastly different from what we have covered in the first half of this class. What do you think of it? Discuss the aesthetic qualities of this work, and evaluate what it is you like and do not like about it. Believe it or not, this history has had a hand in our present day estimation of beauty.

Unit 5.2 Discussion: Historical Debate

Creating images of Christ was a challenging issue in the Early Christian period. When you see images of Christ; even today, chances are his face is instantly recognizable, for many reasons, that were created in this historical time period. After reviewing the resources on icons, discuss this historical debate. Relate it to any personal knowledge you may have, and pose questions as this is a very tricky issue! Remain respectful of everyone's opinions and try to utilize peer reviewed resources to support your own position.

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